How to know sbout Breezy april?

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Breezy April by Rabindranath Tagore describes the nature of the April breeze, its swift changing moods, creativity, tenderness and movement. The poet views ... Read more

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Breezy April by Rabindranath Tagore / in Tamil / Bharath Ravindran / Bharath Academy. Tagores poem Breezy April is an ode in four quatrains. In this poem ... Read more

Breezy April is a Romantic Poem which is written by Rabindranath Tagore in the praise of spring season. In this poem, the speaker is a tree which becomes ... Read more

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April is my favorite month! Thats because the trees are in blossom, everything is green and the sun is shining making you feel all good and fuzzy inside. Read more


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Hey all This is my first attempt✨ Comment your doubts so that i can clarify those doubts And comment if i made any mistakes too ! That will help me to ... Read more

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