How to know about Buffalo wild wings restroom?

This restroom was filmed at Buffalo Wild Wings in Robinson Township, PA. The fixtures are: 1 Kohler Dexter, 1 brand new AS Trimbrook and 2 late 1990s AS ... Read more

The toilet is the only decent thing here which I believe replaced a Crapdera. Rating: 6/10 Fixtures: -1 2010s American Standard Washbrook -1 2000s American ... Read more

Of course, there was music playing and this was a busy restroom as well. And the urinals were 2 crappy 2000s washbrook urinals. Anyways, JUNK FIXTURES! Read more

[Video Description] Same location as the former video. Yes, this one actually has two sets of restrooms. Read more

This restroom was filmed at Buffalo Wild Wings in Washington, PA. The fixtures are: 2 Toto UT104s and 1 Toto CT705. This restroom is junk!!! Rating: 4/10. Read more

Thank You for your support$VeeSlaughter Read more

Filmed at Buffalo Wild Wings in Miami, FL. This restroom contains: 2 Late 2000s AS Statebrooks 2/10 1 2008 ProFlo toilet on FV 2/10 ... Read more

TWU This is the story of what happened in the wild wings bathroom while filming the KingCobraJFS "Now Its A Party" Documentary Watch the full documentary ... Read more

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To bad the urinals wouldnt flush. You also notice TVs in a restaurant Bathroom! But this is a VERY nice Bathroom! For a restaurant! But this Bathroom was kinda ... Read more

A chemical accident at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Massachusetts left the general manager dead. Employees described the deadly incident as they returned. Read more

Sorry about the annoying music in the background, this restroom is basically a huge dumpster. It smelled like crap, and theres always some nice “motivational ... Read more

Fixtures: 1 American Standard Afwall Toilet & 2 Zurn Omni-Flo Urinals. This restroom is okay. Rating: 6/10. Read more

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The time I was stranded at buffalo wild wings. Crazy story time for you sugar plums. I know you love them! Business inquiries: Instagram: ... Read more

Urinals: 2 Sloan Urinals Toilet: Kohler Highcrest This video would have been longer if my phone wouldnt have died. Also I do not own or possess the ... Read more

Uh huh honey, were going to lay it all out there. The first time we (not sure if I can say s*x on youtube lol) were intimate with each other, it wasnt quite what we ... Read more

Today we go to Buffalo Wild Wings bathroom in Washington Pa Posted 6-30-18. Read more

[Video Description] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Video Details] Location: Buffalo Wild Wings, Grand Rapids, ... Read more

I forgot to upload this a while ago but wow what a disappointment. Read more

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An attorney representing a group of black customers who say they were asked to change tables at a Chicago-area Buffalo Wild Wings because of their skin color ... Read more and and Read more

Filmed at Buffalo Wild Wings in Miami, FL. This restroom contains: 2 Late 2000s AS washbrooks 2/10 1 2008 ProFlo toilet on FV 2/10 ... Read more

2 Washbrooks and a Madera toilet. The fries are good but the burger sucks. Read more

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DTDB tries Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin Wings. The Blazin sauce weighs in at around 300000 Scoville units, or about 60 times hotter than a jalapeño. On the ... Read more

Made my own BDubs! Not perfect but Im happy with the results. Flushing toilet by MagmaMusen. Mirror banner: ... Read more

I tried and failed to do the bdubs blazin challenge. Only ate 5. Now its time to destroy my toilet. Faze up. Read more