How to know about Brake Performance tester?

The VIS-Check Performance-Based Brake Tester (PBBT) measures the braking force produced by each wheel on a vehicle, right to left and axle by axle. Read more

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Cheap Ebay brake fluid tester pen. Here i test the pen to see if it really works. Full test and review. Read more

The g-meter+ is designed for statutory annual MOT brake performance testing and is VOSA-approved for all classes of road-going vehicles (including class I & II) ... Read more

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TotalKares mobile brake tester is suitable for testing all vehicles up to a maximum axle load of 20000kg. It can be placed directly on the floor – inside or outside ... Read more

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Tester determines quality of brake fluid. • One battery included: 1.5V AAA. 1. Remove cap from brake fluid reservoir. 2. Remove probe cap from brake fluid tester. Read more

What the title says. I just wanted to make sure, that my break fluid tester works correctly. Read more

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TESTING AMAZONS CHEAPEST BREAK FLUID TESTER. You cant tell just by looking. Dont wait till its to late Here is link to tester pen: Read more

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Do not buy this tester. It works only once, because the brake fluid does dissolve the plastic housing of this tester, and soon enough it will physically break apart. Read more

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Put the metal parts of the tester inside the brake fluid and u can see how much whater the liquid contains. Brake Fluid Tester, length 150 mm for measuring the ... Read more

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