How to know about boscovs elevator?

(10-12-17) This is the only anchor that serves 3 floors, while the rest of the mall has 2. I like it better if the Auditorium is on the top floor near this elevator & the ... Read more

Filmed 11/24/19 Installed 1971, modernized 2019 Well here we have yet another department store that has modernized a Lexan. There was nothing wrong with ... Read more

Riding in the Plymouth Meeting Mall Boscovs Elevator. Read more

Really beautiful cab for a mall elevator. The floor is just so well done. Fairly large cab as well. I actually dont mind the HT VR as much as I mind other 3rd party ... Read more

Too bad it got innovated. Wouldve been nice to see this thing original. It still has the original cab and motor, thankfully, but I wish they didnt disable the original ... Read more

Former Lit Brothers/Hesss. This shares a shaft with the freight elevator (to my knowledge). Brand: OTIS Type: Inground Hydraulic Capacity: 2000 lbs Installed: ... Read more

This is definitely one of the bigger if not the biggest mall elevators that Ive been in if the biggest. I was told it was installed in 1971 as a Dover and then Modded ... Read more

This used to be sears but it went out of business and reopened as Boscovs. I think the brand is Otis but I am not sure. If you guys know what brand it is please ... Read more

Thank you for 2000 Subscribers! Recorded March 15, 2020. Unfortunately, I could not get the freight elevator this time. Please note that all of my content is ... Read more

Tech Specs: Capacity-2100 lbs Fixures-Schindler HT Regular High Pitched Floors Served-2 Door Type-Single Speed Installed-2000. Read more

Installed in 1978 Condemned in 2009 after Fortunoff closed and reopened in 2013. Read more

This location is inside the Dover Mall. Read more

Former Gimbels/Sterns. This store was NEVER a Lit Brothers. And neither was Boscovs in Media. Read more

This Elevator is by NO means bad, though I am kind of annoyed that it replaced a vintage Haughton. The Boscovs at Christiana Towne Center has a similar ... Read more

Once part of the former Granite Run Mall, this is an awesome store. Read more

Riding the elevator at Boscovs at Westfield Meriden. TAKEN: July 26th, 2019 After my visit to New Haven, I decided to make a quick stop here in Meriden ... Read more

Shot 7/26/19. This is one of two elevators at Boscovs store in Colonie Center. I beleive this elevator is an add on. My guess is that the third floor is an add on to. Read more

Filmed 1/5/19 Installed 1967, Modernized 2007 This was originally a Haughton, but was replaced by Schindler in 2007. It runs fine, but I would have loved to ... Read more

Filmed 2-15-20 This elevator was quite nice. After JCPenney closed, Boscovs took up the empty space, and eventually added a Kone indicator, along with some ... Read more

This location does not have an escalator however I can speculate this elevator has to be from the 1960s. Read more

Filmed 7/21/18. Rhyden Nowak ©2018. Read more

Installed in 1999. Since this was put in before the 330A came into the picture in ~2001 and has a maximum car capacity of 2100 LBS, I can confirm that this is a ... Read more

Partially modernized by Cemco: on the outside, both upstairs and downstairs call buttons, and on the inside, the button panel on the right; the one on the left is ... Read more

UPDATE: This store is closing soon Im not sure what it will be next I hope it doesnt get demolished I will try to get here and do a retake because it closes riding a ... Read more

Installed 1987. Interesting how the elevator is in the staircase and how there is parking on the roof. Read more

Edit 1: 10-20-18: This store has closed and re-opened as Boscovs, making it Connecticuts 2nd Boscovs location. I not sure if the Schindler RT survived, but I ... Read more

This is a nice old Dover from back when this was a JCPenney store. Kone has replaced the buttons, but thats all. Read more

NOTE: This video was filmed in 2011, when JCPenney still operated this store. That is why it is still present in the title of the video. The final day of operation of ... Read more

(06/04/2017) Alrighty, Patrick, here you go! This is the ONE and ONLY lift in the entire mall! Well... stay tuned at around 1:30. I think theres something else. Read more

This elevator used to be an Otis lexan. Im not sure if the fixtures are Epco or Adams. Nothing less this is a decent modernization done by Schindler. Read more

Yes, this is in fact a Haughton. The escalators are Haughton, so this is a Haughton. This elevator has door issues, but not NEARLY as bad as Boscovs at Lehigh ... Read more

Riding a schindler elevator at boscovs at clearview mall with musicfreakcc. Read more

(12/11/20) So many elevator fans think this is a black button from the call stations but nope. Brand: Otis Modernizer: N/A Type: Hydraulic Fixtures: Lexan New ... Read more

The new Boscovs store at Westfield Meriden has opened, and the elevator and escalators from JCPenney are back in use. The entire store got gutted and ... Read more

This was a real treat. Unfortunately, one of the elevators was out of order. It look to be nearly 100% original, except for the door operators, which used to be ... Read more

not the best video I just wanted to get a lot of schindlers in a row, Read more

This video was never uploaded to the other channel. This video was shot in January 2013. Anyways this is a smooth running elevator. However it used to be ... Read more

Filmed 9/19/18 Installed 1994 This elevator was made to be glass, but for some reason the back wall of the cab was covered up so that you can not see out! Read more

Filmed 10/14/17 Installed 1981 Bambergers 1981-1986 Macy*s 1986-2006 Boscovs 2006-2008, 2012-Present This a a nice Lexan however it is quite bouncy ... Read more

Filmed 8/25/17 Installed 1976 The doors on this elevator could really use some work! Sadly the doors have been this bad since 2011 when Fantech0104 first ... Read more

I believe these were modded after Bosovs took over the store from JCpenny. Really nice cab though. Read more