How to know about Boohooman uss brooklyn?

this is a funny moment today i like to share with you guys !!! Read more

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The Brooklyn class light cruisers of the United States are todays ship. Want to support the channel? - Want a ... Read more

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benefit from other players mistakes is one way to win a math .... the mates at the end of the match did multiple mistakes.. guess what ... Read more

Ahoy modelwrights Video 5 For the All at sea Group Build. The USS BROOKLYN At This stage Of construction Deck fitting forward Have Been added and Bridge ... Read more

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Brooklyn is a very powerfull cruiser, especially whene using the side bar trick. Read more

USS BROOKLYN (United States Navy Cruiser) HP : 1,75968 SPEED : 37.8Kn TURN : 28s INTERCEPTORS : 04 ARMAMENTS 2 MAIN GUNS : 18174 Damage ... Read more

Three ships of the United States Navy have borne the name Brooklyn, after the New York City borough of Brooklyn. USS Brooklyn (1858), was a wooden screw ... Read more

a brief overview of the USS Brooklyns history brought to you by Noteworthy after a lengthy absence. Read more

Pros and cons Pros: Great broadside firepower for a cruiser Fairly resilient to small-calibre rounds Has one of the best turret protections of every ship in the game ... Read more

USS BROOKLYN (1896-1922), one of the original US navys original steel cruisers of its new modern navy. originally designated ACR-3, later CA-3. A large, fast ... Read more

just two things: low guns turn speed and a little high dispersion! discord: Music: 1- Disco by strange day ... Read more

some funny moments happened while playing graf zepplin , hope you guys enjoy it! Read more

The final design for the Brooklyn class cruisers was armed with fifteen rapid firing 6in guns in five triple turrets, two aft and three forward. Turret No.2 was ... Read more

CriticalPast is an archive of historic footage. The vintage footage in this video has been uploaded for research purposes, and is presented in unedited form. Read more

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