How to know about Bonobos rescue?

Orphans like Balangala are victims of bushmeat trade - their mother has been killed by poachers. The baby bonobos are sometimes kept alive, and the poachers ... Read more

Orphans like Balangala are victims of bushmeat trade - their mother has been killed by poachers. The baby bonobos are sometimes kept alive, and the poachers ... Read more

Content warning: this video includes some visuals of bonobo trafficking that some people may find disturbing] Earlier in 2020, ConservCongo, an organisation ... Read more

Bonobos are the only ape that doesnt kill. And unlike any other ape, bonobos help each other out (a lot like humans do). Through the use of "bonobo TV," ... Read more

Wikipedia: Founded by Claudine André in 1994, Lola ya Bonobo is the worlds only sanctuary for orphaned bonobos. Since 2002, the sanctuary has been ... Read more

Congo Bonobos (2010): A new Conservation Initiative has been put in place to protect bonobos in Congo killed for bush meat. For similar stories, see: The ... Read more

Orphans like Balangala are victims of bushmeat trade - their mother has been killed by poachers. The baby bonobos are sometimes kept alive, and the poachers ... Read more

We first became aware of these little ones through Facebook where they were listed for sale. One of our contacts, Heritier Mpo, took immediate action to find ... Read more

Surrogate Mama Yvonne changed the behavior of this little bonobo through love! Yesterday, this little guy was so distraught that he would lash out aggressively ... Read more

As all orphan bonobos, the victims of bushmeat trade, Balangala was checked by the veterinarians of Lola ya Bonobo rehabilitation center immediately after his ... Read more

Bonobos who arrive at Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary are often extremely traumatized by the loss of their mothers and families. To combat this, infant bonobos, like ... Read more

Meet Bolafa, the newest rescued orphan at Lola ya Bonobo, a PASA member sanctuary! After rounds of fluids and antibiotics, Bolafa has finally stabilized ... Read more

Welenge, a recently rescued bonobo orphan, had an eye injury and a bullet in her jaw from poachers. Our veterinary team is currently treating her eye, but we ... Read more

Bonobos also laugh, and love being tickled. Liz Bonnin looks at why that might be. Subscribe: Animal Slow Motion: ... Read more

Watch the Bonobos and a girl got each others backs. Bonobo Adventures 3 coming soon! Read more

Did you know? Bonobos get the same viruses as humans, but their death rate is much higher than humans, especially with viruses that affect the respiratory ... Read more

Our founder, Claudine Andre started Lola ya Bonobo in 1994 with the goal to protect bonobos in Kinshasa. Here she talks about where Lola was when it first ... Read more

I had the most amazing guide, Susie! This organization is so worth your support as they rescue, rehabilitate, teach them how to be wild and them carefully ... Read more

A troop of 14 bonobos is on the verge of being released into the forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Congolese conservation group Amis des ... Read more

Bonobos are apes with a lot of love to give. They have an interesting matriarchal social structure which is run by females and they are very physical and good ... Read more

Bonobo Chimps, Chimpanzee, Bonobos make love not war, true bonobo love, Bonobos Affen, monkeys, the power of love, Affe Bili, Affenbabys, ... Read more

Bonobos (Pan paniscus) and Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) are the closest living relatives of humans. Compared to chimpanzees, bonobos society is ... Read more

Lola ya Bonobo us the only bonobo sanctuary in the world. At Lola ya Bonobo (“Bonobo Paradise”), orphaned baby bonobos are nursed back to health and ... Read more

In bonobo society, its the females that rule the world. See All National Geographic Videos âž¡ Subscribe: ... Read more

Ok, its in French, but the images are priceless! Watch the bonobos of Lola in this sweet introduction of bonobos for children. Read more

Can you imagine then being stuffed in a filthy, cramped cage and stolen from your family and forest home? For Esake, an infant bonobo, this was her horrifying ... Read more

Michael Hurley, of Bonobo Conservation Initiative, discusses baby Waola. Waola, like many bonobos, was injured by a snare in the rainforest. Read more

Bonobos are known to "make love, not war." Photographer Christian Ziegler witnesses the sexual politics in action as he captures intimate images of these ... Read more

Elikya, a female bonobo in Group 1 was born at Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary in 2005. Papa Stani talks about her just before the birth of her son, Molende. (Video ... Read more

On 19th September 2017, our team rescued an infant female chimpanzee of 1.5 years old. She was deeply wounded, dehydrated, undernourished, and ... Read more

5 februari was Jane Goodall te gast in het televisieprogramma College Tour. Terugkijken kan via Read more

These are the Bonobos from the Twycross Zoo, the only Bonobos in England. This is little cutie is baby Lola and shes all smiles. She was born on the Sat 3rd ... Read more

Female bonobos are looking for "simbokilo" on the ground. Kiku (about 44 years old) found the "simbokilo" and solicited genito-genital rubbing toward Sala ... Read more

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Little orphan bonobo Ingende recently rescued from the hands of poachers by Lola ya Bonobo. Read more

VOAs Kevin Enochs reports on Lola Ya Bonobo, the worlds only bonobo sanctuary. Bonobos are primates that are very closely related to chimpanzees and ... Read more

Bonobo Conservation Initiatiave president, Sally Jewell Coxe, discusses the threats to bonobos and efforts BCI has made towards conservation. BCI engages ... Read more

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Une bonne partie de jeu entre bonobos au Lola Ya Bonobo. Lola Ya Bonobo est un sanctuaire pour sauver les bonobos du trafic illégal de la viande de brousse ... Read more

Bonobos (Pan paniscus) are a great ape species found exclusively in the Democratic Republic of Congo. video shooting @ Les Petites Chutes de la Lukaya, ... Read more