How to know about Blue Nile river?

The Nile has become a political statement as countries across Africa fight for control of it. Egypt and Sudan depend on the river for their water. It is fed by the Blue ... Read more

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Ethiopia said Saturday it was on track to begin filling a controversial mega-dam on the Blue Nile River within weeks but vowed to try resolving its dispute with ... Read more

Talks over Ethiopias dam on the Blue Nile have ended without agreement. Egypt and Sudan fear it will cut off their water supply, while Ethiopia says it will ... Read more

Ethiopia has begun filling the reservoirs of a controversial mega-dam on the Blue Nile, according to the countrys water minister. Egypt and Sudan had requested ... Read more

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Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan have agreed to resume talks over a disputed hydroelectric dam that Ethiopia is filling on the River Nile. Negotiations over the Grand ... Read more

This is Lake Tana in Bahir Dar (Ethiopia). In this place the BLUE Nile starts flowing towards the Capital of Sudan: Khartoum which is 1500 km away. There ... Read more

Egypt is casting worried looks towards the south. Ethiopia is currently building the biggest dam in Africa on the Blue Nile River, close to the border with Sudan. Read more

The papyrus plants that surround a lake from the blue Nile present a wealth of life with opportunities for survival for weaver birds to ancient scribes. Subscribe to ... Read more

Ethiopia Source of The Blue Nile and Mother of Egypt. Read more

A short walk took us from the village Tis Abay over an old Portuguese bridge to some viewpoints overlooking the beautiful Blue Nile Falls. There are some ... Read more

Shows the first 40 km of a 916 km expedition down the Blue Nile - Lake Tana to Tissisat Falls - of a preliminary high water trip before a series of last descent ... Read more - Where is the Source of the Blue Nile? - part 1 of 2. Read more

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Through the outflow of Lake Tana, the Blue Nile is formed, which flows in a large arc from the Ethiopian highlands down to Sudan, to unite at Kartoum with the ... Read more

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To Lake Tana, where believers gathers on the bank to be baptized with holy water and to the "hidden" source of the Blue Nile in Ethiopia, from where believers ... Read more

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) formerly known as the Millennium Dam and sometimes referred to as Hidase Dam, is a gravity dam on the Blue ... Read more

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According to materials published by the Ethiopian Central Statistical Agency, the Blue Nile has a total length of 1450 kilometres, of which 800 are inside Ethiopia ... Read more

For thousands of years, the Nile has been the backbone of civilisations and a source of conflict. The latest dispute is over the the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance ... Read more

the Blue Nile has a total length of 1450 kilo metres (900 mi), of which 800 kilometres (500 mi) are inside Ethiopia.The Blue Nile flows generally south from Lake ... Read more

The Blue Nile is a renegade river, according to Sudanese farmer Osman Idris, its unpredictable flooding swallowing crops and houses as it crashes through ... Read more

We touched down and was instantly on the move. First up was a boat tour on Lake Tana to see the different monasterys. Unfortunately you only got to see one ... Read more

US President Donald Trump on Friday voiced anger at Ethiopia over its construction of a huge dam on the Nile River and appeared to suggest that Egypt may ... Read more

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Palin puts together his own expedition group to find the source of the Blue Nile. Exciting Free video clip from the BBC - Michael Palins Pole to Pole adventure. Read more The BBC is launching Damming The Nile VR, a two-part virtual reality news documentary series exploring the water politics of the river ... Read more

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