How to know about blue Mountain rescue?

Learn about the Blue Mountain Quarry and the mysterious engines who work there with Thomas & Friends! Watch more Steam Team Sing Along videos: ... Read more

An injured rock climber has been rescued after falling halfway down a 200-metre cliff in the Blue Mountains. The man was forced to spend the night on a small ... Read more

See how University of Virginia students, faculty, staff and Charlottesville community members drop everything to work together and help those in need. Read more

Opening scene from Thomas & Friends: Blue Mountain Mystery! Enjoy! Read more

The full US movie for the 2012 Thomas & Friends movie, Blue Mountain Mystery. Read more

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Careflight & NSW police mountain rescue and winch to safety for tourist who fell in Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia courtesy of Channel 7 news, Australia. Read more

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Pleas give a warm welcome to our Brand New show! Towering above the Alps, Mont Blanc is a spectacular natural beauty. But it also has a darker, lethal side ... Read more

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Towering above the Alps, Mont Blanc is a spectacular natural beauty. But it also has a darker, lethal side that attracts thrill seekers, extreme skiers and obsessed ... Read more

In this first episode of Mountain Rescue, a climber trapped on a dangerous precipice causes problems for the rescue team, a skier stuck in a crevasse and ... Read more

DISCLAIMER: There are innuendoes and allusions to jokes of sexual nature. Not suitable for kids. "I have a secret" Read more

This is a quick video highlighting a recently delivered Pumper Rescue to the Blue Mountains, Ontario Canada Fire Department. Read more

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When a man becomes trapped in an avalanche it seems all hope is lost, but the mountain rescue team on the Alps are on hand to try and save the day. Also in ... Read more

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Divers have recovered the bodies of two women who went missing while canyoning in the Blue Mountains. Subscribe: Read more here: ... Read more

Meet Coco, a 13 year old senior pitbull/terrier whos been serving at the Blue Mountain Humane Society since August 11th 2019 In my experience with Coco Ive ... Read more

Weve learned that the ski hills are closed during Ontario lockdown but we assumed that roaming the Village was still possible - with public health guidelines of ... Read more

Adirondacks helicopter evacuation off of Blue Mountain for a woman that had broken her ankle hiking. Read more

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A documentary capturing the bush fire that ravaged the Blue Mountains in January 1994. Read more

A trailer for the new upcoming Thomas and Friends special, Blue Mountain Mystery, slated for DVD release September 2012. Apologies for the playback quality. Read more

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There are grave fears tonight for two canyoners feared drowned in the Blue Mountains. A major search and rescue operation is underway at the Wollangambe ... Read more

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Scene from Thomas & Friends: Blue Mountain Mystery! Enjoy! Read more

A seven year old boy has died after being found unconscious at a swimming hole in the Blue Mountains. Emergency services arrived at the scene at Jellybean ... Read more

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A rescue operation is underway in the Blue Mountains after two canyoners failed to resurface while swimming at a whirlpool this afternoon. Subscribe: ... Read more