How to know about Blooms today fall harvest?

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Today I will be showing you how to get more Dahlia blooms and proper deadheading and harvesting techniques. Join me on my little garden tour of dahlias. Read more

A compilation of all my Gymnocalyciums that were in bloom in 2020. First 4 minutes were the videos I have taken over the year and the rest were photos of each, ... Read more

Get perfect sunflower heads every time with this super easy way of hang drying. Sunflowers are food for animals, and if left alone for too long they will become ... Read more

Cutting down your sunflower heads early, will encourage more blooms to push out of the stalk. Be careful not to cut too far down the sunflower stalk, or it can ... Read more

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Some of the pleasant scenes that await you at Harvest Blooms, the Conservatorys annual fall horticulture exhibition. Learn more and reserve tickets today: ... Read more

The garden is coming along great! We have many things blooming and expect to see many more next month! A baby watermelon is on the way! Read more

In this complete growing guide we will be growing sunflowers. THey are the king of the garden and can produce blooms up to 12 inches in diameter and 18 feet ... Read more

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Today I went down to the plot to weed the beds and to pinch out the side branches and tendrils on my sweet peas so I get larger blooms on longer stems. I show ... Read more

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Lc Ruth Loveless light frangance , Dendrobium spouting her pink petals and c. Penang Black Caesar AMAOS very fragrant. Thanks for watching. Read more

If you are looking for wild lettuce information (lactuca species), I have many videos on the growth, cultivation, and harvesting of the plant. Hopefully, when I get a ... Read more

How To Grow Tomatoes series this is harvesting tomatoes. In this PROGRESSION growing guide we give you BIG tips on growing tomato tomatoes at home in ... Read more

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I was out working in the garden this morning before the rain gets here today. These blooms on the yellow squash are so beautiful that I just had to share them ... Read more

John, our Head Perennial Grower, shares his picks for late summer blooming perennials. Like us on Facebook ( for more ... Read more

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