How to know about Bike nashbar rollers?

my first time on the nashbar rollers i got recently and i love them. Read more

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This video will show you how to install your bike to an indoor bike trainer. Specific brand of trainer that I used in this vlog is the Fluid Nashbar. This might be an ... Read more

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Nashbar reduced radius rollers. I figured I would try to demonstrate them and amuse myself to see if I still have what it takes to ride them. Read more

My DIY Motion Rollers with Remote Adjustable Resistance. Standard Nashbar Rollers with aluminum drums and the following modifications: 1. Motion platform ... Read more

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Federico Macías en los rodillos nashbar reduced radius rollers 9 años years bike bicycle cycle niño kid child children. Read more

First time on indoor bike trainer rollers. Took a couple tries and is very fun. Came assembled and didnt even have to adjust rollers for my bike. Read more

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This is a Fuji Aloaha 2.0 Tri bike on Nashbar rollers for the first time. It is definately a good idea to start by a wall. So far Im very shaky and unstable, especially at ... Read more

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