How to know about Bebe cool?

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Wakayima comes from stories that we were told when we were young. A very clever rabbit that plans every move and tricks others to win. A dancehall afro beat ... Read more

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Nkuliyo, "am into you" a song that requires no explanation when it comes to body winding. Low tempo,keeps you wanting your lover next to you to keep ... Read more

Halima#omahlay#BobiWine#BebeCool Welcome to UG UPDATES.For the latest news in entertainment, politics and current affairs. please watch ,like and share ... Read more

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Leadership is God given and every leader requires a minimum level of knowledge about the people he/she leads and must be able to address their issues ... Read more

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Singer Moses Ssali was yesterday evening chased from Nigerian Embassy while he had gone in a meeting about Nigerian singers Omah and Tems. Read more

From the Pearl of Africa UGANDA to the land of 1000 hills RWANDA , We present to you a club banger song titled “I Do” By Charly na Nina and Bebe ... Read more

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Bebecool has been this night chased from the nigeria embassy by the ambassador. They told him they dont need his services. Read more

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