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Move to the beat with this full body 30 minute PiYO workout. Easy to do at home, all you need is a mat and a little space. You will sweat, stretch, build muscle and ... Read more

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In this video, I demonstrate some of my favorite PiYo moves. Piyo Flip, Piyo kick through, the plank tuck and stretch, Piyo connector, PiYo Cross and more. Read more

Info on Coaching: This video wasnt meant for a a class to follow but more so a peek into Chalenes creativity, the unreleased (at ... Read more

Desarrollado por la entrenadora superestrella Chalene Johnson, PiYo es un programa de bajo impacto y alta intensidad de 60 días que transformará tu cuerpo. Read more PiYo Workout is for Beginners as well as the advanced. PiYo was created by fitness celebrity, Chalene Johnson. Christine ... Read more

This 30 minute Piyo workout will tone your entire body. We start with a dynamic warm up, then do a plank series, a lunge series and finish with a Plie series. Read more

Hello, I just completed 4 weeks of Piyo and wanted to share my results with you. In watching the video you will see who I have completed in quotes. I strictly ... Read more

In this video I talk about my results and opinion of the PiYo program! web: email: facebook: ... Read more

Set to music, this dynamic, energetic program provides a full-body workout without straining your body. Youll shape your body by building muscle tone and ... Read more

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Can men do PiYo? What muscles will you tone up? How can PiYo benefit dancers? Chalene answers these questions and more in PiYo 101. Read more I was a participant in the test group for Chalene Johnson home workout program PiYO. PiYO is a 60 day at home program that ... Read more

Ready to change your life with PiYo? Get it today with me as your FREE coach to ensure you succeed! Check out around 2:50 minutes in, thats ME! Read more

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This piyo workout will strengthen and tone your arms, glutes and legs in just 20 minutes. Read more

Check out Beachbodys latest low-impact breakthrough fitness program that gets you high intensity results! Developed by superstar trainer Chalene Johnson, ... Read more - New Piyo Workout from Beachbody and Chalene Johnson Ready to get ultra lean with PiYo from Beachbody? Get on my notification list ... Read more

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Set to music, this dynamic, energetic program provides a full-body workout without straining your body. Contribute to this channel so we can upgrade and keep ... Read more

Define yourself! No Weights. No Equipment. Low-Impact. PiYO - muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of ... Read more

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60 Day PiYo Test group with Beachbody totally gave me what it takes to build my strength and flexibility! Are you ready to get into the best shape of your life? Read more - PiYo workout is the newest Beachbody home fitness program coming in June 2014. Chalene Johnson is the creator of PiYo workout and ... Read more

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"Almost 50 and not done yet!" Two weeks into Beachbody PiYo by Chalene Johnson! Seeing how this workout program can really make a difference. Cant wait ... Read more

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