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Balfour celebrates student life and achievements from the first day of kindergarten through college and beyond with products like backpacks, dorm decor, class ... Read more

The Balfour Declaration was a public promise by the British government during World War One announcing support for the establishment of "a national home for ... Read more

Palestinians around the world are marking 100 years since the Balfour Declaration was issued on November 2, 1917. It was contained in a letter written by the ... Read more

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International Relations in the Middle East“ is an online course on Janux. Learn more at Created by the University of Oklahoma, Janux is an ... Read more

"One nation, solemnly promised to a second nation, the country of a third." Thats how one writer famously described the Balfour Declaration - the declaration by ... Read more

Learn from Dr. Martin Kramer, founding President of Shalem College in Jerusalem, as he explains how the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917, reflected ... Read more

الشرح متوفر باللغة العربية أدناه This film, produced by the Palestinian Return Centre (London) and the Balfour Apology Campaign, puts on view the tragic ... Read more

Part two of a 22 day trip around Tasmania, Australia. In this part we leave our camp at Sandy Cape and take on the Balfour Track and Mount Balfour before ... Read more

On 1st November, renowned historian, Simon Schama delivered a guest lecture marking the centenary of the Balfour Declaration. This historic lecture delved in ... Read more

4/25/14: Grant Balfour and Paul Konerko exchange words after Konerko takes draws a walk in the 9th inning Check out for our full archive ... Read more

For over a century we have shaped the world we live in, pioneering new technologies and transforming the built environment. We invest locally and build ... Read more

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ערב עיון על הצהרת בלפור בבית אבי חי, שנערך באנגלית. השתתפו: מלאני פיליפס, הרברט קיינון: ... Read more

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This November marks the centenary of the Balfour Declaration – a promise that immeasurably altered the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East and one ... Read more

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Balfour Gardiners Evening Hymn, sung by the choir of Worcester Cathedral. Read more

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Who decided to give Palestine to the Jews? It may all be traced back to this letter, the Balfour Declaration. Heres what its all about, 100 years on. Subscribe: ... Read more

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The centenary of the Balfour Declaration on Nov. 2 marks a promise made by the British government to help create a Jewish national home in Palestine. Read more

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November 2, 2017 marked the 100 anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. The double-edged British promise that shaped the destinies of two different peoples ... Read more

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"Farewell to Balfour Road" is a 32 bar Jig for five couples in a five couple longwise set. Filmed and edited by Red Barn Studios. The RSCDS would like to thank ... Read more

Carta de ministro britânico que é vista como o pontapé do conflito entre palestinos e israelenses e completa 100 anos nesta quinta-feira. Read more