How to know about Alibris?

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That we have a retail web site, but we also have whole sale arrangements, with a bunch of the traditional book sellers all over the country. So, these be to be ... Read more Alibris offers extensive range new books, used books, rare books including movies, video games, and music. They offer ... Read more

Our systems process about 3 to 5000000 changes on our 70000000 skews every day, so this creates all kinds of churn in our inventory systems and since we ... Read more

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This is radical transformation. Our success in the last half dozen years has been to control change and really do it incrementally, but frankly theres time when ... Read more

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Richard Weatherford and Marty Manley are the men behind the bookseller Alibris. After running a catalog-based antiquarian bookstore from his home for several ... Read more

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We want to roll out internationally, we want to be able to localize into different languages and we wanted to create a tool set for our business people to be able to ... Read more

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Brian Elliott, CEO of Alibris, speaks with Natalie Pietrzykowski on TV. These TV interviews were conducted at the 2008 Annual ... Read more