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Professional Photographer Gavin Hoey shows you portrait photography tutorials that work for both small home studios and/or the big outdoors. Read more

The warm flickering glow of candle light makes it an attractive subject for photographers but dont be fooled by what you see with your eyes, cameras, and ... Read more

As a portrait photographer, if you have good camera skills and good lighting, youll probably make some good portraits. But if youre looking to take photos that ... Read more

One of the advantages of studio photography is youre not at the mercy of the weather. When you have a small home studio, rain wont stop you from ... Read more

A great location can bring a portrait shoot to life. It can tell a story, give your portrait context, or even jar uncomfortably with your models styling. The choice is ... Read more

Using fabric as a background is a great idea. There are endless options of color and material and it can be a great choice for the budget-conscious photographer ... Read more On cold winters day, being in a warm studio is very appealing. In this video photographer Gavin Hoey shows you how ... Read more

Face coverings can have a wide range of uses but when it comes to photography, hiding part of your subjects face creates a sense of mystery and drama. Read more Reflections in clear glasses and sunglasses can be great or terrible depending on what look you want to achieve. With studio flash ... Read more Combining flash and ambient light can be tricky, but Gavin Hoey has some really simple tricks that will help. In three different setups ... Read more Shooting portraits on a cold winter day isnt a problem if you work in a studio. But just because youre inside doesnt mean cant shoot a ... Read more

There are plenty of “rules” when it comes to the best place to put your lights and for the most part, the normal rules are actually very good advice. However ... Read more

MORE TUTORIAL VIDEOS AT: ------------------------------ The PhotoGavin Channel is ... Read more Fall or Autumn is a beautiful time of year, packed with photo opportunities and Gavin Hoey takes on the challenge of capturing the ... Read more

There are often times when including the source of light in your scene is an important part of the story. But theres a big difference between a light thats seen and ... Read more Winter can be a great time to shoot outside portraits but it can also be cold and grey and dark... Fortunately photographer Gavin Hoey ... Read more Once youve mastered the basics of shooting great bokeh with your camera, youre ready to move up a gear and thats exactly what ... Read more

One of the many properties of light is the predictable way it becomes less and less bright the further it travels from its source. Scientifically this is often called the ... Read more Bring a little magic to your studio portraits by creating your very own mystery, magic box filled with light and swirling smoke. With the ... Read more Sometimes you get lucky with the light on a location portrait shoot and its perfect for the look youre after. But as photographer Gavin ... Read more Low Key lighting is more then simply photographing against a black background. Join us in this episode as photographer Gavin Hoey ... Read more

Looking down from above is a great way to make portraits that have an unusual and exciting feel but as photographer Gavin Hoey explains, theres more to ... Read more Cold winter days can be the perfect time to shoot portraits inside a home studio but that doesnt mean you cant bring the outside ... Read more

Long before we had high-speed sync (HSS) flash there were neutral density (ND) filters which achieved the same results but in a very different way. If your goal ... Read more Film Noir has a look thats very distinctive. Black and white, low key and a style thats lifted from the pages of crime fiction books and ... Read more Photographing sparklers is great fun and can create a wide variety of images. In this video Gavin Hoey shares his tips for creating ... Read more Adorama Photography TV Presents Take & Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey. Join Gavin as he demonstrates how to shoot an ... Read more Halloween is a great time to shoot photos that are a little bit more spooky and thats exactly what Gavin Hoey does in this video. Read more Halloween is a great time to shoot something a little more sinister and in this shoot photographer Gavin Hoey does exactly that in a ... Read more A textured wall in your studio could well be the perfect background for your portrait photos. Even a slight texture can ... Read more Shallow depth of field portraits look amazing but getting a good shot with flash is more tricky then you might think. Using flash ... Read more Using candle light to illuminate your model sounds like a great idea and can look amazing but a single candle doesnt produce much ... Read more Dark, moody and sinister, Film Noir is a style that packs a punch with hard edged shadows and high contrast. In this tutorial Gavin Hoey ... Read more Shooting portraits at night can yield some great shots but also comes with many challenges, fortunately with a little bit of lighting know ... Read more Shoot through or translucent umbrellas can be cheap, quick to set up and ultra portable light modifiers. Compared to ... Read more A fan or wind machine is a great accessory for adding some movement to your models hair and outfits when shooting studio portraits. Read more Every studio needs a mirror but to avoid accidental light bounce its usually kept well away from the shooting area . However if used ... Read more Panning is a simple technique to learn but takes plenty of practice to master. Moving subjects such as cars and bikes makes excellent ... Read more Whilst photography needs light it also needs shadows to give depth and interest to a shot. That applies just as much to studio ... Read more In this video Gavin Hoey takes you through his process of using fake walls, made of fabric, for a portrait shoot in his ... Read more

Feathering a light is so much more than simply turning it away from your subject. In this video photographer, Gavin Hoey takes you through why feathering light ... Read more In this episode Gavin gives great tips and advice about how to shoot wide location portraits without seeing the flash. Using a wide ... Read more In this secret portrait challenge Gavin takes on a Bonnie and Clyde styled shoot. Being a secret portrait challenge, Gavin has no prior ... Read more If youre looking for a dramatic, low key portrait idea then Gavin Hoey has you covered with this amazing rim light ... Read more AdoramaTV presents Take and Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey. Shooting through glass windows can be tricky with plenty of ... Read more AdoramaTV presents Take and Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey. Join Gavin as he undertakes another 15 minute photo ... Read more In the studio, white backgrounds will usually photograph as a gray unless you know how to light them. In this video, Gavin Hoey runs ... Read more Adding a splash of water to your portraits is a fantastic way to create energy and originality to your portraits but in order to freeze water ... Read more Adorama Photography TV Presents Take & Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey. Join Gavin as he demonstrates how to set up a ... Read more What do you get if you combine 50 almost identical photos in Photoshop? Thats what Gavin Hoey discovers when he takes a walk along the ... Read more