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Bonobos "Slim" and "Tailored" fits are the way to go for guys who prefer a trimmer look for their chinos. Watch this video to learn more about our signature Slim ... Read more

Bonobos has been in business since 2007. While the brand started with the single goal of making pants and chinos that actually fit well, because of their success ... Read more

My measurements: Weight 190lbs Height 510” Waist 36” Hips 43.5” Thigh 25.5” The chinos Tailored fit The khakis 33 x 30 Follow my Instagram @miley_grids ... Read more

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Thanks for watching! As I stated in the video I really like both of these shorts. Both Lululemon and Bonobos offer something different that really diversify your ... Read more

Our Tech Chinos are a modern fusion of office smart and street tough: work pants that are ready for anything, but still look professional. Developed and tested at ... Read more

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We spend a lot of time thinking about making better fitting clothing, and good part of this time was spent day dreaming these pants into existence. Check them ... Read more

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In 2007, Bonobos was one of the first retailers to begin selling clothing exclusively online. Four years later, it launched guide shops, where you try clothes on at ... Read more

Weve always thought theres no one right way to be a man. With that in mind, weve been making clothes that fit every man — no matter their shape, race, beliefs ... Read more