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This video shows my unboxing and potting of 32 trees I ordered from the Arbor Day Foundation. First we unbox the shipment of trees and get the roots soaking in ... Read more

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As users of natural resources, especially wood, we occasionally have an opportunity to replace what we use. The Arbor Day Foundation is a good source for ... Read more

Trees Are Simply Amazing. They clean air and water, slow climate change, ease poverty and hunger, prevent species loss, and feed the human soul. Read more

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Take a tour of our food forest and watch us plant more trees today! A video of our Muscadine (scuppernong) wild grape: ... Read more

If you would like to help support our channel, check out our Handmade Goodies! Etsy: Ebay: ... Read more

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Opening the bag of trees that were sent to see what I got! Read more

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Arbor Day free trees 2020. Come along as I open the trees I received in the mail from the Arbor Day Foundation. Look at how Im going to get them started in the ... Read more

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See our work in action. Follow us on social: ... Read more

See our work in action. Follow us on social: ... Read more

The iconic Willamette River is 187 miles in length, drains a 11478-square-mile area (12% of Oregons landscape), and serves as a major tributary of the ... Read more

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