How to check Ancestry dna test in india?

this indian girl takes an ancestry DNA test. today, i share my 23 and me ancestry results, find out if im not 100% indian, and whether i think this ancestry dna test ... Read more

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Breakdown is as follows 88% Asia South 8% Asia East 4% Melanesia GEDMATCH Video coming soon! Read more

All of my known ancestors are from the Amritsar and Gurdaspur districts in Punjab, India. Read more

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omg! bit of a different video but this was so exciting to film! i hope you enjoy lots of love alice xx Read more

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جربنا فحص الحمض النووي الذي من خلاله بامكاننا معرفة جذورنا والى اي بلد تعود,, كذلك شرحنا كيفية استخدام هذا الفحص. يمكنكم الحصول عليه من الرابط التالي: ... Read more

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Welcome home sa neter!!! you eventually youll see that the african shit is a fraud. Read more

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